Since the 70's, we had been involved in many Chinese events all over North America.  Concert locations include Toronto, Vancouver, New York, Atlantic City, Dallas, Las Vegas, Spokane, Reno, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Bay Areas, and even Puerto Rico, Dominica, Japan, China, and Hong Kong.  These events ranged between play performances, operas, acrobat performances, and pop concerts.  The variety of shows that we did had attracted numerous audiences.

     Throughout these twenty something years, we had worked with different companies and people.  Some companies included Grandview Production, Yat Hing Production, Variety Image Production, Stage Art Productions, World Channel Incorporated, and Kaleidoscope Production.  During this period of time, some Chinese concert events that I had participated in include: “TVB Artists in Concert”, “Andy Lau in Concert”, “Chow Yun Fat Talk Show”, “Anita Mui Farewell Concert”, “TVB Artists Chinese New Year Celebration”, “Vivian Chow and Kevin Cheng Most Loved North American Tour”, “Jacky Cheung 1995 Concert Tour”, “Flamingo Hilton Reno 1995 Christmas Celebration”, “Emil Chau and Nnadia Chan in Concert 1996”, “Leon Lai San Francisco Concert”, “Capital Artists Christmas Concert”, “Vivian Lai and William So in Concert”, “Annabelle Louie in Concert”,  and “Peppermill Hotel Presents Sheren Tang”, and many more.

      During the summer of 1998, Jaye Production was established.  Since Jaye Production was founded, we had participated in charity concerts, casino events, and pop concerts. Some of these Chinese concert events included, "Ekin Cheng North American Tour", "Andy Hui Real Love Concert", "Kindred Spirit Millenium Celebration", "Sammi Cheng World Tour 2000", "Taiwan Singers: Music From the Heart", "Roman Tam 2000 Superstar Charity Concert", "Alan Tam Summer Concert 2000", "Dicky Cheung Charity Concert", "Anita Mui Fantasy Gig World Tour", "George Lam and Sally Yeh World Tour 2003", “Priscilla Chan in Superstar Fundraising Concert”, “Alan Tam Fundraising Concert 2006”, and "Hacken Lee in Concert". In the future to come, we will continue producing Chinese Events for everybody to enjoy.